Ok after the title you want to start singing "Buttercup" but it's time to get myself to the next level in my race season and after the Midlands race had a hard block of 9 days training which left me with some dead legs but time to recover for the Welsh Mtb race at the Glen Usk Estate near Crickhowell.  

So come March 4th we had the first Welsh race of the year and the previous week of warm weather was forgotten as snow rain hail wind (delete as appropriate) decided it wanted to remind everyone we were in Wales after all!

Now let's get this out of the way, I do feel the event could have beem run better, but its a bike race and anyone who puts one on deserves the support. So I found myself on a wind swept start line looking at a stunning view of Wales and watching the rain and snow roll over the hills towards us as we were giving the race instructions and thinking about the 8 laps that lay ahead.  

Unfortunately my race lasted about 4mins as straight off the start I went over the back wheel of Mark Davis (Cycle Coaching Wales) (nothing he could do about it) as we avoided Sion O Boyle (Torq) who was having some difficulties of hiw own.  I came off the bike, bent my gear hanger and as I hit the first climb and I tried to catch up with the field it decided to break.  

So first DNF of the year but nothing that could be done about it so will train this week and get ready for the next race on and hopefully next time my race won't be the one Derailed!

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