Well I'm Steve Corbyn (Corby to most) and I started racing in 2002 at the Schwinn 100 at Builth Wells (and finished in around 7hrs) but its fair to say the bug was well and truly settled in me and very quickly that year I was racing most weekends including the Schwinn part 2, SITS and Dusk til Dawn (so long ago that was when Rob Lee won his first solo !) 2003 was my first year of XC racing in the sport cat which inlcluded the result of 4th in the Welsh Senior elite Champs race at Builth Wells.   Over the years I have tried all disciplines from xc to 24hour solo but find marathons keep drawing me in (probably something to do with my first race experience as a senior) but recently have been doing off road duathlon which is a little different but strangely quite fun. It has been a roller coaster journey in the world of mountain biking over the last 10 years but it has lead me to here where I'm setting up my own team.   We are starting with a simple aim - build a team that does everything very professionally and races to win but doesn't take it too seriously, as after all we are here to have fun and enjoy this silly but awesome sport we all take part in.  
Right now it's fair to say I'm excited as the future is looking very Derailed but I wouldn't have it any other way.  

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