The last two weekends have been very hard as my legs haven't been at there best and I've not rested (overtraining I think it's called). 

The Gorrick was at Crowthorne near Bracknell and what gorgeous weather we had. We race on a brilliant course down there (why is the Olympic race being held in Essex again?) The competition was very tough but that's always makes it fun and the race was one of those days where you could always see who you were racing as they were only a few seconds ahead of you but it was so hard to catch up. So after 5 very hard laps and some very sore legs I finished in 18th but seconds behind the guys in front of me. So it would seem that training is going in the right direction. 

After a little bit of thinking I changed my catergory so stepped back over to Masters so I could race against the old boys again . On arriving at Cannock  it was clear that it would be a hard day after lots of rain and some snow, and that the course would be tough, so practice lap it was and yes it bloody was a hard lap that would really kill you off over 5 laps. Being back in masters my previous race results would help me be gridded - although it was at the back of the grid. If I'm being honest that was the right place for me that day as I never really got going and struggled every lap, and when the hail started on the final lap I really wanted to go home but had a race to finish off. The rider behind was catching it was clear I would be in a sprint finish (why does that happens you feel like crap) and going into the climb I didn't know where the other rider was so I kept looking forward until the final straight where I held back for as long as I could letting him tire himself out. Come the final 100m I  made an error and let the bike slide almost throwing me off but manage to get the best in the sprint and cross the line in 20th (poor result but another finish and more race miles). So resting for now and training starts again tomorrow with the build up to Sherwood on Sunday and the first BMBS of the season. Bye for now and look out for the team this weekend. Corby

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